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Speech Therapy in Lincoln, NE

“Communication… the essential human connection.”

– Ashley Montagu

Congrats, Toni!

Congratulations to Toni Morehouse, co-owner of Communication Works, on her retirement. Toni’s family helped her celebrate her retirement after 30 years at the University of Nebraska Barkley Memorial Center where she was a clinic supervisor.

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Happy 2nd Anniversary!

Congratulations to Carol Bowen and Toni Morehouse and their awesome team at Communication Works Speech and Language Services. You have had an exciting two years serving the Lincoln community. We can’t wait to see what the future will bring. Love from your kids and our...

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Rachael and Aliza Present in Denver

Recently, Rachael Aguilos (an inaugural Communication Works clinician) and Aliza Stremlau (the newest addition to the CW team!) presented at the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association convention in Denver. Rachael and Aliza, who are also speech-language...

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Congrats Maggie!

At the recent ASHA convention in Denver, Maggie Wieting (an inaugural Communication Works clinician) described the work of Concussion Management Teams (CMT) at Lincoln Public Schools. Maggie is a speech-language pathologist on a CMT whose goal is to keep concussed...

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