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Communication… the essential
human connection.

– Ashley Montagu

99% Club

Wow! Our own special Angie Carman is in the "Trizetto Provider Solutions 99% Club"! Angie is our clinic coordinator and Trizetto is the clearinghouse we use for all insurance claims. Communication Works recently received a congratulatory document that says our...

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Trunk or Treat 2017

Carol and Toni had a great time doing Trunk or Treat at Complete Children's Health new location on Hohensee Drive. What a beautiful facility! We got to see lots of darling little ones, chat with parents, and make connections with other professionals. It was a...

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Tongue Thrust Specialist in Lincoln, NE

Communication Works is proud to announce that Paige Leising, one of our stellar speech-language pathologists, recently completed extensive training to become an orofacial myologist! Paige is able to provide specialized assessment and treatment for Orofacial...

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Lincoln Women’s Expo

We got to meet some lovely ladies at the Lincoln Women's Expo this weekend. We had some lovely ladies of our own at the Communication Works booth. Speech-language pathologists Paige Leising, Kylie Lureen, Aliza Stremlau, and Stephanie Bone were at our booth on...

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