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Speech Therapy in Lincoln, NE

“Communication… the essential human connection.”

– Ashley Montagu

I have to tell you this because I’m so excited. When we started with Aliza in June, David had 48 mistakes on his sounds. She retested him on Tuesday to see where she should focus; he only made 24 mistakes! I’m beyond impressed and so happy for David. I’m thrilled with my decision to come to Communication Works! Thank you for all you do!

Jennifer Ells

My son, Hudson, started coming to Communication Works when he was just 3 years old. His initial evaluation was eye-opening, revealing he was more delayed in speech and language development than we had thought. Since that day, our SLP Jessie and the entire staff at CW has shown patience, dedication, compassion, and commitment to excellence that far exceeds my expectations each week, each session. Hudson shows steady improvement, which has not only improved his life, but our family’s as well.

Christine Vogt

My daughter has been going here for over a year and we are amazed at the progress she has made! We’re so happy with Communication Works and what they have done for her. Highly recommend!

Ashley Treangen

My daughter has therapy once a week with the fabulous people here. She asks every day if she can “go to speech” when I pick her up at school! They are wonderful and we have seen such an improvement in just a short time; highly recommend them to anyone!

Andrea Kessler

My youngest started speech with the team at Communication Works after other attempts with other systems to help his severe speech delay. Well, apparently, you have to find the right people to get the job done! His progress was immediate and quick. We have only been with this group a year, but we could not sing their praises any louder! They helped our son find his voice and that is a sweet, sweet thing! He looks forward to ‘playing with Miss Amber’ every week. Thank you!!!

Lora Rhodes

Nebraska ASD Network State Conference

All of our speech-language pathologists are in the "Love to Learn Club". Aliza Stremlau and Kylie Lureen attended the 2018 Nebraska ASD Network State Conference in Omaha on April 19-20. We can't wait to see what Aliza and Kylie learned and have to share with clients...

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Holiday Dinner

Question: What happens when you get two or more speech-language pathologists together in one room? Answer: Non-stop communication, great conversation, warm camaraderie, and esprit de corps! Here we see the Communication Works team enjoying a holiday dinner and evening...

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99% Club

Wow! Our own special Angie Carman is in the "Trizetto Provider Solutions 99% Club"! Angie is our clinic coordinator and Trizetto is the clearinghouse we use for all insurance claims. Communication Works recently received a congratulatory document that says our...

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Trunk or Treat 2017

Carol and Toni had a great time doing Trunk or Treat at Complete Children's Health new location on Hohensee Drive. What a beautiful facility! We got to see lots of darling little ones, chat with parents, and make connections with other professionals. It was a...

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Tongue Thrust Specialist in Lincoln, NE

Communication Works is proud to announce that Paige Leising, one of our stellar speech-language pathologists, recently completed extensive training to become an orofacial myologist! Paige is able to provide specialized assessment and treatment for Orofacial...

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Lincoln Women’s Expo

We got to meet some lovely ladies at the Lincoln Women's Expo this weekend. We had some lovely ladies of our own at the Communication Works booth. Speech-language pathologists Paige Leising, Kylie Lureen, Aliza Stremlau, and Stephanie Bone were at our booth on...

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