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Toni Morehouse and Carol Bowen, both seasoned speech-language pathologists, had the dream of opening a private practice that could provide supplemental services for persons of all ages who have communication challenges. Their clinical model would also provide a venue for talented speech-language pathologists in the Lincoln area to work flexible, perhaps non-traditional hours. It would be a win-win-win situation for clients, speech-language pathologists, and the Lincoln community.

On June 9, Morehouse and Bowen realized their dream when Communication Works Speech and Language Services opened for business at 1540 South 70th Street, Suite 101. The ten speech-language pathologists associated with Communication Works bring specialty services to the clinic.

They have skill sets and experience to work with children who have a wide variety of communication challenges, including: childhood apraxia of speech, autism spectrum disorder, language delays, speech sound disorders, and academic issues related to reading, writing, and spelling. As a career pediatric speech-language pathologist, Bowen stated, “Early intervention for children with communication delays is absolutely crucial. We want to be a driving force in providing that intervention.”

Communication Works also offers services for adults who have communication or cognitive difficulties due to stroke, traumatic brain injury, early stages of Alzheimer’s disease, or other neurogenic disorders.

Corporate communication training is a particular branch of the profession that is largely unrecognized in Lincoln, but widely known on the east and west coasts. Corporate communication training benefits managers, executives, engineers, scientists, educators, athletes, coaches, and others who wish to improve their speaking abilities.

Our corporate speech-language pathologists can help non-native English speakers modify their accents, and gain articulation and language skills that will increase the intelligibility of their spoken language. This sort of training can also help native English speakers with regional dialects develop Standard American English, including the pronunciation and grammar that is useful in business and social contexts.

“Good business people recognize that effective communication contributes to the growth and success of their businesses, as well as reduces costs and minimizes turn-over,” Morehouse said. “Investing in an employee’s communication skills is an investment in the company.”

In addition to direct intervention services, Communication Works also offers comprehensive communication evaluations to establish initial diagnoses or to provide second opinions. Parent training seminars, adult caregiver workshops, and consultations are also part of the service menu.

“Communication…the essential human connection” is a quote by anthropologist and humanist Ashley Montagu, and has become the motto for Communication Works, LLC. On June 9, Morehouse, Bowen, and their team of talented speech-language pathologists began offering residents in the greater Lincoln area another venue in which to improve their communication – and their human connections. Communication Works is now accepting referrals. Feel free to contact them at 402-480-3152, check out their website at http://www.comworkslincoln.com, and like them on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/comworkslincoln.

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